Human Foods Dogs Can Or Can't Eat

Dogs are the best human friend because it has various kinds of functions. For example the dog will protect your home when you are not around and this will go a long way in keeping thieves at bay. The young puppies are also good in that they keep you company even when you are bored. For example research has shown that having a dog in your home goes  a long way in reducing your stress levels. We can therefore say that a dog is the best friend for the human being. Due to the close attachment that people have to dogs, they tend to throw some of their food towards them so that they can have a bite too. What most people do not know is that there are some kinds of foods that the human being can eat but will be poisons to the dog. For example caffeine.

If a dog ingest caffeine, then it will lead to vomiting, diarrhea and also it will increase the heart beat rate and if this continues for a long time, then your dog might die. Some examples of foods that contain caffeine include cocoa, coffee and even chocolate too. Therefore never  give your dog chocolate. Caffeine will make a dog to be restless and it might cause harm to a third party. Another example of foods that a dog cannot eat are grapes, if can dogs eat grapes, then it will start experiencing abdominal pains and poor vision and this will make it even to die if untreated. Garlic and onions is another thing that humans eat but will be fatal for your dog. Garlic are known to kill and interfere with the red blood cells and this means that the dog will not get enough oxygen in to its body leading to death. Dehydration and kidney failure is so another negative effect of garlic and onions and thus you must never give your dog these foods.

Just as alcohol is harmful to the human body, the same applies for the dog. Too much alcohol given to your dog will lead to drowsiness, loss of focus and such like effects. It will make your dog to urinate so much such that it will make it lose water from the body. Know the safe food for dogs to eat here!

Milk is an example of another kind of food that you should never give your dog. Milk and dairy products tend to cause allergies to your dog and this will show up as itchiness in the body. To gain more knowledge on how to find the right food for your dog, go to .